How to wear smart bracelet maintenance?

How to wear smart bracelet maintenance?

1. Keep smart devices clean. Clean your wrists and smart bracelets regularly, especially after exercise, sweating, or skin contact with substances such as soap or detergent. These substances may stick to the inside of the ring; Do not use household detergent to clean the bracelet. Instead, use soap-free detergent, rinse well and dry with a soft towel. For spots or stains that are not easy to remove, scrub with a soft, moist toothbrush and follow the steps above.

2. Keep dry. Although smart devices are waterproof, wearing a wet bracelet for a long time is harmful to your skin; If your bracelet gets wet, such as after sweating or showering, wash and dry it before putting it back on. Make sure your skin is dry before you put on the bracelet.

3. Rest your wrists. Make sure the bracelet is not too tight. Make sure that the bracelets are not too tight. It is recommended to leave space between the band and the wrist for the little finger to slide back and forth. If you’re using it to get the most accurate heart rate reading possible, you might want to fasten the bracelet while exercising. If so, remember to readjust the tightness after your workout. Friction and bondage for a long time may irritate your skin, so remove the bracelet for an hour after prolonged wear.

Post time: Mar-05-2021

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