• What happens to smartwatches if they touch water a lot?

    What happens to smartwatches if they touch water a lot?

    What is the definition of a smart watch with waterproof performance? Is it possible to stay in contact with water for a long time? In fact, the dustproof and waterproof grade of electronic products is generally expressed b...
  • What is a heart rate monitor?

    What is a heart rate monitor?

    The so-called heart rate monitor is a watch that can accurately record our heart rate in real time during exercise. The role of heart rate monitor in purposeful exercise is very obvious. There are two common principles of heart rate table measurement, one is cardiac curr...
  • How to wear smart bracelet maintenance?

    How to wear smart bracelet maintenance?

    1. Keep smart devices clean. Clean your wrists and smart bracelets regularly, especially after exercise, sweating, or skin contact with substances such as soap or detergent. These substances may stick to the inside of the ring; Do not use household detergent to clean the bracelet. Instead, use so...
  • What is the Smart Bracelet? What does the Smart Bracelet do?

    Intelligent hand ring is a wearable intelligent device, the user after wearing good smart bracelets, users could be recorded by hand ring exercise in daily life, such as diet and sleep real-time data, and can also be the data synchronization to the mobile phone or computer equipment, and then thr...
  • Smart wearable devices are ushering in a new era of health management

    The epidemic spurs demand for health, and the wearable market targets future health With the popularization of smart wearable devices, the concept of health management has been paid more and more attention by the public. According to a study from Stanford University, the data collected by wearabl...
  • How to app insallation &Bluetooth connection

    Please search the APP in the Google Play on Android mobile or APP store on iphone; Or scan the QR code on smartwatch to download and install APP. Please kindly noted that Android supports 4.4 and above;IOS supports 8.0 and above; Bluetooh hardware 4.0 and above. Bind smartwatch ,click selection o...

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